Giant Wood Tumble Tower
The Hammer Crown brand giant Tumble Tower is proudly made from wood from sustainable sources. This wood is kiln dried and then precision milled into 56 beautifully crafted blocks. No finish is placed on the wood, which makes a great surface for sliding the blocks out. All Tumble Tower games are not created equal and you will notice the precision and quality of this game as soon as you open the bag and start to stack the game.
These 56 pine blocks stack into a 19 level tower that is just over thirty two inches tall and eight and a quarter inches square. The Hammer Crown brand giant tumble tower game comes in a nylon bag that is perfect for carrying your game.
We have heat branded the logo into seven of the wooden blocks and we offer laser engraving on the other blocks for your personal message or company logo.
How to play:
To play this game, just stack 3 blocks in each direction. Once you get all the blocks stacked, make sure the tower is straight and even and take turns pulling blocks out. You can choose to play the game with one hand, which is more difficult, or you can use two hands. Just make sure to specify this detail before the game starts. Each time you pull a block out you must stack it on the top of the tower in an even and orderly fashion. Everyone is a winner unless you’re the player that make the tower tumble.

Giant Wood Tumble Tower
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