Angara Maximus Barbecue Table
This majestic outdoor table is more than a beautiful piece of garden furniture. The Angara Maximus, which can comfortably seat 8 adults, comes with not one, but three independently fired barbecue grills that have been ingeniously built right into the table.
Fire up one or two grills at a time, or all three at once. The Angara is designed to entertain parties of all sizes!
The tables propane-powered grills are all built in durable Grade 304 stainless steel to ensure years of trouble-free service. Thanks to the all stainless steel construction the grill is a breeze to maintain. After allowing the grills to cool down, simply remove the stainless steel grids and throw them in your dishwasher.
The Angara also comes with discrete LED lights that are programmable! Select the desired mood light and you have the perfect ambiance for your backyard or patio. Heck if you cannot decide, set the lights on auto, and the LEDs will fade in and fade out in all the colors of the rainbow and more.
Dimensions: 99.5(W) x 29.6(H) x 38.3(D), Weight = 220 pounds
Or choose The Angara Maximus 4-piece Set:
You get the majestic 8-seater Angara Barbecue Table along with a pair of beautifully matching benches to go with your table. You also receive the stunningly designed Propane Gas Tank Enclosure. All 4 pieces are made in exotic and hardy Iroko wood imported from Africa, and high grade 304 stainless steel.
Dimensions & Weight:
8-Seater Table: 99.5(W) x 29.6(H) x 38.3 | Weight= 220 pounds
Benches (Each): 98.4(W) x 17.9(H) x 12.2(D) | Weight= 90 pounds (Total Weight for 2 Benches)
Sold as a pair, the beautifully handcrafted benches are the perfect compliment to the Angara Table. The benches' seat is made out of beautiful iroko wood while the legs are powder-coated stainless steel.
Gas Tank Enclosure: 19.9(W) x 27.1(H) x 19.9(D) Weight= 83 pounds
The matching Propane Gas Tank Enclosure is just as meticulously built as the Angara table in beautiful and exotic Iroko wood and stainless steel. The enclosure has a side door for convenient access to, and replacement for, the propane gas tank.

barbecue table wood steel
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Angara Maximus Barbecue Table
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