UrbanPro Laptop and Tablet Backpack
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The Schatzii UrbanPro is a water resistant, ultra lightweight dual purpose Laptop + Tablet Backpack and Carrier Bag. Made of water resistant high gloss nylon, this bag will help keep your gear dry when its wet outside. Expertly created with a sleek modern profile, you'll look as good carrying the UrbanPro in a suit as you would in casual street wear. This backpack was created not only with unrivaled style, but also with superior comfort in mind with its unique ergonomic design and the ultra lightweight materials used to build it - less than half the weight of a typical laptop bag! And although compact, the UrbanPro holds both a laptop and tablet, as well as your other gear including phones, chargers, pens, files, cards and more with its multiple quick access compartments. Ultra lightweight, slim, comfortable and efficient, you won't want to use any other bag again! The UrbanPro makes toting your laptop and tablet a snap. Lose the briefcase and purse, go UrbanPro.
-Sleek Modern Design
-Super Lightweight
-Water Resistant
-Ultra Comfortable
-Slim Profile
-Multiple 'Quick Access' Compartments
-Holds both Laptop and Tablet simultaneously
-Dual purpose as Backpack or Tote


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UrbanPro Laptop and Tablet Backpack
130,00 $


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