Anodized Loop Hook
Dango Loop Hook
"Redefining the way you hang while adapting to all lifestyles."
Multipurpose Loop Hook
Hangs backpacks, bags, purses, clothes, etc. (more than 100 pounds)
Also functions as a keychain & bottle opener
Made from aircraft grade 6061 CNC aluminum
Designed and manufactured in the USA

An essential everyday carry, the Loop Hook assists you through your mobile experience by harnessing your backpacks, bags and garments by hanging onto most table ledges, rails and cantilevers.
It is also a keychain and bottle opener – a tool that surprises you by giving you new ways of connecting to it. The Loop Hook is made from highly durable aircraft grade 6061 CNC machined aluminum and can carry more than 100 pounds.

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Anodized Loop Hook
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