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A minimal leather wallet design with traditional style.

This leather wallet is for those who want minimal design, the thinness of efficiency, but need just a few extra card slots.

With 2 card slots plus two extra card pockets, and a separate bill section you have enough room to carry it all while still keeping slim.

The leather is sourced from the top tannery in the U.S. and Mr. Lentz cuts, brands, stamps, dyes, oils and waxes and assembles each wallet by hand.

The rivets are solid brass with nickel plating, there’s nothing better than fine leather goods made from the finest materials. Available with or without a chain.

Every wallet comes with a tin of Mr. Lentz Spiff N’ Shine – a conditioner meant to keep high quality leather goods in high quality shape.

- Hand cut Full-grain vegetable tanned leather sourced from the top U.S. tannery
- Leather may include beautiful original markings form the cow’s life, such as scarring, welts, brand marks and more
- Every piece is heat branded with the Mr. Lentz logo
- Each piece is hand stamped with a unique sequential number signifying the order in which it was made in the history of Mr. Lentz Leather Goods
- Detailed edge work and finishing
- All-natural, non-toxic and hand made dye, made in the Mr. Lentz Workshop
- Hand conditioned and buffed with extra virgin olive oil and beeswax

All wallets will easily fit 6 – 8 cards (up to 10 or so once broken in), receipts notes and bills. You must allow the wallet a bit of time to be broken in so that it may stretch to fit your needs. Once fully broken in (about 1 week or so) you can add even more cards.
The wallet measures approximately 3.25 x 4.25 inches (83mm x 108mm) when folded and is about 5/16 inch (10mm) at its thickest point.

The wallet will fit Euro bills up to the 50 Euro note, and British bills up to the 20 Pound note.

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Minimal Leather Wallet | Leather Wallet Gift | Mr. Lentz
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