Ergonomic LCD Arm Desk Clamp Mount | Satechi
A stylish solution for creating ergonomic viewing of your 15" to 27" LCD monitor.
The broad range of flexibility of this desk mounted monitor arm allows you to adjust your monitor to a wide variety of positions, meeting ergonomic guidelines and giving a neat and tidy working space.
Articulating flat panel display arm provides the ultimate flexibility in flat panel monitor positioning.
Optimizes the viewing angle, focal length and monitor height with a few simple twists and turns.
Quick installation for 15" to 27" Screen LCD with weight capacity 6 to 17.5 pounds. 75mm & 100mm VESA compliance.
The link arm can extend 17.5" or swivel 180 degrees in either direction. Screen can be tilted up to 20 or back to 30 degrees, or turned left or right up to 90 degrees.
Cable management reduces workplace clutter -- cables can be routed internally through swing arm link and descend through mount.

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Ergonomic LCD Arm Desk Clamp Mount | Satechi
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