Color Changing Light Cube
Multicolor LED Lighting That Can Be Placed Anywhere When you want to add some light up decorations, sometimes, one color just isn't enough! All of the colors are great. Blue, red, green, purple -- how can you choose just one? Well, you can't. That's why the Color Changing Light Cube is perfect! This battery-operated little cube is 2.5" all around and lights up in many different colors. Prepare to be amazed! Watch in amazement as the cube slowly transforms its colors! You can place the cube anywhere and use it as an accessory for your desk or anywhere in the house! The kids will love it and it'll make a great night light! You can even use multiple cubes to really set the mood at a party or family gathering! Get yours today and add a little more color into your life! Measurements: 2.5" x 2.5" x 2.5" Uses 3 cell batteries (included) Color Changing Light Cube

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Color Changing Light Cube
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