Pipe Tube + Cup Holder
The Pipe Tube + Cup Holder is a multi-functional holder and is specially designed for outdoor activities. The holder can keep both hands free while riding a bike, being in a wheelchair, going shopping, or pushing a stroller. Practicality at its finest!

Pipe Tube - This is the main unit used to attach to the pole. It supports a wide range of poles with a thickness measuring from 20 to 40mm in diameter.

Cup Holder - This can support a wide range of containers with a diameter ranging from 40mm to 75mm. A cup, milk/water bottle or any drink container can be placed within the Pipe cup holder.

This Pipe Series has been awarded the famous Red Dot Award 2014 for Honourable Mention. And iF design award 2015 winner.
Tube -
Dimension 87 x 116 x 59 mm
Color green/white, green/black
Cup Holder -
Dimension 94 x 120 x 51 mm
Color blue/white, blue/black

Pipe Tube + Cup Holder
35,00 $


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