Tusciao Valet Stand
Tusciao is a practical valet stand to help you undress at the end of the day or prepare your next outfit and accessories.
Tusciao is characterized by its 3 beechwood frames and metal tubes that can handle even the most delicate of pieces, from jackets to pants and a wide range of accessories too while the refined leather joints allow you to adjust the stand to your needs.
Structure in solid beech with sustainable oil finish for a natural look; leather joints with snap buttons; surface protected with natural oil; packaging 80% recycled + 100% recyclable, 100% locally sourced materials
- tallest section 42 x 3 x h 125 cm
- middle section 30.5 x 3 x h 98 cm
- lowest section 39 x 3 x h 73 cm
Colors: Main structure beech color, metal rods painted red // main structure beech color, metal rods painted gray.

Tusciao Valet Stand
195,00 $


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