Prodigal Son Custom LED Saber
From the hands of the grand master, comes the Prodigal Son. This elegant weapon is an instrument of sublime destruction, suited for the hands of a worthy master.
The hilt is machined by a professional blade smith, with tireless care given to every detail of its construction. This saber is a work of art.
This saber features an accurate .65 thin neck. The revolutionary thin neck blade socket, is durable enough for the strongest full contact dueling, without sacrificing asthetics. The elegant handle features an activation box with copper accents, red/green arrows, and a black greeblie. A tri ring is included on all standard builds.
12w LED Champion level sabers include:
-37" Thick walled polycarbonate dueling blade
-12w High power 4x cree xb-d LED
-AV switch activation plate
-SaberCore sound upgrade
-3400mah in hilt recharge upgrade, with smart charger and kill key

Prodigal Son Custom LED Saber
384,00 $

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